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The London Academy of Excellence (LAE) is looking for a new home and the Jubilee House development represents a defining moment in the development of the academy as it seeks to build upon its success to date and secure its future in Stratford.

LAE was the first 16-19 academy to be established under the Coalition Government’s free schools programme in September 2012, opening at Broadway House in 2012. It was established in Stratford to address a shortage of academic A-Level provision and improve progression rates in Newham for students aspiring to win places on competitive degree courses at top universities.

LAE is the most successful school of its type (16-19 academy) in the country and the academy’s excellent A-Level outcomes regularly place it in the top 5 state schools overall.

The planning application is for Jubilee House, with improvements to Farthingale Walk and the introduction of new routes through the site forming part of the scheme.

The proposals represent the first phase of an emerging masterplan for Stratford Assembly.

A construction management plan will be submitted as part of the planning application for the scheme. This will ensure that there is minimal disruption to surrounding neighbours throughout the construction process.

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The building is tired and in need of replacement. This provides the perfect opportunity to develop a new purpose built building to provide an enlarged state of the art home for London Academy of Excellence, which will allow them to expand and secure their long-term future

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