Application Update

We are pleased to share that the application has now been submitted to the LLDC. This has followed productive conversations with local residents and groups, and we would like to thank those who provided their feedback for their contribution to date.

The reference number for the application is 21/00483FUL, and you can view the application page by searching the reference on the planning portal. Once you’ve viewed the documents, there is an option to share your feedback via comments on the portal.

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Jubilee House

Initial Consultation

Our initial round of public consultation took place in July 2021. If you want to find out more about the background to the scheme, including our preliminary proposals, you can navigate through the previous exhibition boards at the bottom of this page.


Welcome to our Virtual Exhibition.

We are bringing forward proposals to reimagine this tired building which does not contribute positively to Stratford into the heart of a new educational campus, with high-quality student accommodation above a state-of-the-art new home for the London Academy of Excellence.

The plans for Jubilee House are being brought forward as part of an illustrative masterplan for the wider site including Bridge House and Broadway House, with our vision for the whole site (named Stratford Assembly) centered around the creation of a new space for existing and future residents to live, work and study.

Please note that this consultation was open in July 2021 and the feedback function is now closed. However, please do get in touch on if you have any questions about the proposals.

Current site

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Site context

The site is in a fantastic location, close to Stratford Central Station and Stratford High Street, but currently fails to make a positive contribution to the area.

The existing Jubilee House is in poor condition, and its low-quality and limited public realm is unwelcoming. There are a number of issues which make the site unsuitable for modern use, including poor-quality floorplates, unattractive façades and a design which does not meet the sustainability aspirations for L.B. Newham and the LLDC. Jubilee House is currently used as office space by HMRC, but these tenants are due to relocate to their new headquarters in the Stratford International Centre.

Current site

Current site

Current site

Current site

The Jubilee House site sits in the heart of a rapidly changing area, amid existing and forthcoming consented tall buildings – as pictured below. The site also sits in a wider emerging education and cultural quarter in Stratford, which includes two new university campuses serving over 10,000 students located in the Olympic Park, as well other local universities.

Site Context

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The Stratford Assembly Masterplan

The site sits within the Stratford Assembly Masterplan, which comprises Bridge and Broadway House, as well as Jubilee House. As the owner of Jubilee House, Schroders and their team have been working closely with L.B. Newham, the owner of Bridge and Broadway House, to ensure that these buildings are reimagined together, in order to create a unique Youth and Education Campus in the heart of Newham, with connections to the emerging Stratford Cultural and Educational District.

The Masterplan Site Overview

Jubilee House, alongside much of the public realm improvement, is being brought forward as part of the first phase of the Masterplan.

The next phase will comprise Bridge and Broadway House. The plans will allow for further enhancements to the Jupp Road bridge, which we are exploring with local stakeholders.

We are working closely with L.B. Newham, as owners of Bridge and Broadway House, to coordinate the design of the illustrative Masterplan and our shared vision for the site as a whole.

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The Proposals

Our vision is to create a Youth and Education Campus in the heart of Stratford that integrates the London Academy of Excellence with university student accommodation – making a positive contribution to the emerging cultural and education district in Stratford. Our proposals for the site include the following:

A new, state of the art sixth form college for the London Academy of Excellence

Much-needed university student accommodation to support the growing higher education offer in East London

Architecture of the highest standards of design and sustainability

A more open site with significantly improved public realm and connectivity in central Stratford

Substantial investment in the local area

Creation of c.340 full time equivalent jobs for local people during construction and a further c.50 jobs during operation including c.23 teaching jobs

Proposed Great Eastern Road View

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New home for London Academy of Excellence

The redevelopment of Jubilee House as part of the Stratford Assembly Masterplan, will provide a new, state of the art sixth form college for the London Academy of Excellence (LAE).

LAE, who currently occupy the neighbouring Broadway House, was established in 2012. The school offers an academic A-Level only curriculum designed to maximise students’ prospects for university entry.

LAE is the most successful school of its type in the country and one of the highest achieving state sixth form providers in the whole of the UK. As a result, the flagship academy, which currently provides places for 480 students in Years 12 and 13, is heavily oversubscribed.

The Jubilee House redevelopment will not only provide LAE with a purpose-built new site that is commensurate with the success of the school but will also enable it to expand its roll by more than a third to 750 places, providing more young people with the opportunity to benefit from the world class educational experience that it offers.

With more than half of LAE students being local LB Newham residents and a similar proportion of students travelling to school by bus, tube or rail each day, there is no better location anywhere within Stratford or Newham for the academy than Jubilee House with its excellent transport links and proximity to the recreational facilities in the Olympic Park.

London Academy of Excellence students

“The redevelopment of Jubilee House represents a unique and exciting opportunity for LAE to build upon its past success and secure its future as an integral part of Newham’s outstanding educational provision.

The Academy was established in 2012 to provide local students in Newham and East London, aspiring to win places on competitive degree courses at top universities, with a high-quality academic education, expert advice, and an unparalleled range of co-curricular and personal development opportunities.

By consistently achieving some of the best outcomes of any school or sixth form in the country, LAE really has lived up to its name, developing both a local and national reputation for academic excellence.

LAE’s new Jubilee House premises, with its bespoke state-of-the-art facilities, will not only greatly enhance the academy’s existing offer but also provide more students each year with the opportunity to study here.

The new school will also allow students to participate more fully in our rich and varied co-curricular programme, including sport, music and the performing arts, enabling each to explore their own interests, develop their character and maximise their own unique talents.”

Alex Crossman, Headteacher of London Academy of Excellence Stratford.

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New Youth and Education Campus in the heart of Stratford

Above London Academy of Excellence’s new home, the plans will provide over 690 much-needed university student accommodation rooms.

The proposals respond to a growing need for student accommodation in the area, and the two new university campuses serving over 10 000 students located in the Olympic Park opening in 2023, as well as to other local universities.

Our vision is for the students to be embedded within the local community, and we are exploring opportunities for local events and knowledge sharing. The combination of university accommodation alongside the Academy is a perfect fit and will create unique opportunities for collaboration, delivering added value for the Academy students, and fostering an atmosphere of exchange and mentoring between the different elements of the Campus.

Student Accommodation Entrance (Station Street)

In compliance with planning policy, the student accommodation would be 35% affordable, and 10% accessible. In addition, the student accommodation will have generous amenity and study space has been designed with a focus on the students’ health and wellbeing. In addition, we are proposing that the substantial ground floor space the Academy will be made available for use by local community groups.

Proposed Terrace View

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Opening up the site

Public realm

The current state of the public realm that surrounds the site is of poor quality. We want to increase the amount of public realm and transform the existing Station Street, which has the character of an unwelcoming servicing road, to create a new place for people to gather and spend time.

Our vision is to deliver an attractive public square space, with high quality greening to improve the pedestrian experience, along with new planted trees to create a more pleasant environment for students, local residents and workers walking through the site.

Existing Public Realm

Improved interconnectivity

As part of our proposals:

  • The site’s improved public realm will seek to create a more attractive environment for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as encourage sustainable modes of transport
  • Enhance the site’s link with the East Bank, the Olympic Park’s emerging cultural and education district, the opportunity for local events and knowledge sharing
  • The proposed design will allow for the future delivery of an improved bridge connection to the Carpenters Estate, which we are working on with various stakeholders

Proposed Public Realm

Proposed Public Realm

Proposed Public Realm

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We want to design a scheme of exemplar architectural quality, which responds to the Stratford St John’s Conservation Area, as well as the more immediate context. We have appointed an award-winning team, led by AHMM Architects, to bring forward the plans.

We understand the prominent location of the site both in our relationship to neighbouring properties, including the Carpenters Estate, as well as Stratford High Street, and our position close to both existing and forthcoming tall buildings in Stratford.

Proposed public realm

The site, in proximity to the Unex and Stratosphere towers, presents an opportunity to deliver a similarly tall building, which would respond to the immediate local context and deliver significant benefits for the local area.

The current proposal is for a building of up to 36 storeys. The project team is undertaking extensive studies considering wind, daylight, sunlight and overlooking. We are still at developing our detailed design, which we will share more information about in the coming months.

Proposed Broadway View

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Due to the time in which it was constructed, the current building on the site is not particularly environmentally friendly, which is in contrast to the increasing priority of occupiers, neighbours, L.B Newham and the LLDC.

We want to deliver a building of high standards of sustainability. Whilst we are still at a relatively early stage in developing the proposals, our sustainability aspirations include:

  • Targeting BREEAM Excellent
  • LETI Pioneer Project
  • Living Future sustainability accreditation
  • All electric building operation - no fossil fuels
  • Complete building management system which will be able to monitor and report back on the performance of the building
  • Enhanced greening across the site

Proposed public realm

Proposed public realm

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Thank you and next steps

Thank you for taking the time to look through our proposals for Jubilee House. We hope you found this Virtual Exhibition informative and useful.

Once this virtual consultation closes, we will take the time to review feedback and develop our proposals. We will share more information in the coming months ahead of submitting a planning application to the LLDC.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, or know someone who requires support accessing this information and may require physical copies, please do get in touch with the project team on the details below:

0203 900 3676

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